Friday, December 16, 2011

Cookies Galore!

One of my besties had a great idea to make cookies for the upcoming winter break. I've never done a combined baking event and thought it was a fantastic idea.  I was planning on making cookies for family anyway. And the "Cookie Marathon" commenced! 

The goal was to fill the dining room table and that is exactly what we did!!!

We split the cookies up "even Steven," at the end and now I have to fight the temptation to EAT.THEM.ALL!  They are calling my name. "BBBBBBBEEEEECCCCCCKKKKKYYYYY"  I really need to get these plated, because then they would be off limits! However, I will not be sharing them all. I LOVE THEM TOO MUCH!!

Peanut Butter Blossoms.  I might share a few of these. They are one of my favs!

The Macaroons will NOT be shared. The hubby would killlllllllllllllllllll me!

Snowballs ~ I will share a few, but, only a few.

Date Nut Bars 

Chocolate chip with a chocolate surprise. 

Peppermint Patty stuffed cookies. These were our only "fail". They taste good. But, we both decided it would be much easier to just make some peppermint brownies.  These were way too labor intensive.

Rice Krispie Treats!! 

Oatmeal (plain) and oatmeal with raisins and coconut.  The variety was so everyone would be happy.

So there you have it. A bonanza of cookies! I have never had such luck with baking. I think it might have helped that I was working with my friend and between us, we were able to make sure nothing burned..... 

Now, I only have a little more than a day to resist the temptation. It is going to be VERY difficult!!


a bit much said...

I noticed you were very polite in your description of the "failure" cookies! Oh, roar ... very funny-looking. We should call them the Chocolate Nasties!

BB said...

Or "Turd Cookies"... heehee!!